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Oct, 2017

True Player Development Training...what is it really???

Lets clear up this misconception that "player development training" is NOT teaching skills & technical work! That's a part of it but not near the whole thing. True player development is designed to teach, in depth, the technical, tactical, athletic, mechanical, mental, psychological, and soccer IQ of a players game. Our belief here is that practically every soccer exercise or drill can involve these aspects of training. It doesn't have to be difficult, complicated or elaborate. The majority of soccer players waste over half of their time practicing and playing with bad habits that eventually cost them the ability the achieve their full potential. The vast amount of their problems are the simplest to fix but just don't have the right mind/eye there to spot "IT". I have spent my 20 years doing nothing but focusing on "true player development"...making the complete player. The players of today are competing in a different style of game but the fundamentals of the athlete are still the same. The most difficult and vital aspects that determine a players ability to achieve the growth is mental durability and the depth of a players "soccer IQ". Here is the US, the average players IQ for the game is at best inefficient. The majority of soccer players here know more about the other 3 major sports than they do their own. Sounds simple right?...well it is, how can a player become what they are striving for when they can't even see what it looks like, (and no I don't mean watching highlights). This is article 1 of 5, stay tune for more...


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