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IFA longest running program: SELECT ONE ACADEMY - college prep

Inter Futbol Academy's is our reformed college prep program SELECT ONE ACADEMY training is redesigned for players ages 15 to 23 with an above average level of play and have a desire to play college soccer. The academy training program's over-all focus to offer consistent elite level training for all players looking to optimize their skills and knowledge for the highest goals of achievement. This program is financially supported by the L.I.F.E. Scholarship Program, which pays 75% of all our players annual expenses. The Select ONE Academy selection list will be promoting new players at the start of the 2015 season. For full details and enrollment information contact Coach Dave. Scheduled sessions are posted on the Calendar of Events. First Selection List of 2015 will be posted on January 2, 2015. Players will receive an invitation from the Inter Futbol training staff.


The higher level prep academy is a complete all access training, recruiting program designed to help high school athletes to get to the next level. Our unique player development training college prep program that helps to develop, train, build confidence and inspire passion for the game as well as a brighter future. Our mission is to provide the highest quality functional development training, on and off the field, that will allow our players to fulfill a dream and goal of playing college soccer. The PDT Sessions are weekly sessions that work on develop of the complete player. We think "a little outside the box using the Dynamic Play and Functional Training" to the game. Our focus is that "soccer players play soccer often too much time is put in the wrong aspects of training and play. Your "Select ONE" (players personal training) training sessions are scheduled by request only via Coach Dave or Select ONE players. The Calendar of Events will contain all scheduled sessions or special events.The Inter Futbol Academy Soccer is designed for playing the game. Our Brazilian style training is focused on getting our players to play the game from its roots...the streets, yards, courts and fields. Play when you can,where you can. We don't train by boring and complex team drills, but develop our players by model, demonstrate and reacting to the game. Our main focused is to raise each player's awareness and knowledge that consistently and quality of play is the highest priority in developing into a complete soccer player. We will use Functional Training as well as teaching a wide range of skills and technical moves to help their in personal development. These sessions are geared to develop proper techniques for player's individual performance as well as teaching game knowledge and developing technical and tactical play.The College Prep Program is offered to all of high school, club players that are interested in following their pursuit dream of playing college soccer. We help keep players / parents informed and educated about the college recruiting process. IFA has a long tradition of soccer excellence and many current and former collegiate players played for the Inter Futbol Academy or PSA (1998-2000). We are happy to offer a program, to our players, to help further their playing career at the college level. This is a program that not many clubs offer, especially with the unique prospective and process we put into our player's development.College Recruiting process: The Inter Milan squad plays selected college programs (men & women) throughout the year to assists in their higher level development as well as improving their opportunity to sign with a college or university. The on-line recruiting post the players profiles, scouting review and media, but unlike the other typical sites, our profiles are personally sent or given to coaches instead of hoping coaches find you. Remember its not just finding a school or program, the key is placing YOU with the college professional level program that fits YOU and your future. Updated information. Beginning in 2015 all of our Select ONE College Prep players expenses and fees are paid by the L.I.F.E. Scholarship Program. All players work for LSP in a part-time job that pays for all of the players expenses and needs, even through college. This unique program helps teach job skills, work relations, and over-all life experiences. Each player is assessed their qualifications and requirements as deemed by the IFA staff. Contact us if you have any questions or request more information.

Striving for more 

If you are a competitive soccer player and have an interest in playing in a unique soccer environment, then the Inter Futbol Academy is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and bring you closer to achieving your playing goals. To apply, please read the application instructions and complete the application packet entirely.Download The Application from the Registration page on this website.

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