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  Inter Futbol Academy is embarking on a new endeavor to add full year fitness, SAQ & conditioning to every practice during the season and even extra sessions throughout the year. We believe this additional step will be giving our players a leg up in their development and game conditioning even in this current season. Our staff has created a thorough and energetic training program that is designed for all of our ages to get their conditioning fitness to a much higher level and competition. Each of our team practices begin with 15 up to 30 minutes of fitness workout that is dedicated to a specific function or focus for each session.
Over the course of a calendar year, each training component will receive greater or lesser emphasis according to established training priorities.  These priorities should be carefully identified based on the time of the year, specifically the time and focus of the particular season. For soccer players, the calendar year can be roughly divided into four different seasons, each of varying length, and each requiring very different training priorities:

The Competitive Season:

The primary focus of the competitive season is on game results.  As such, during the competitive season, tactical training and psychological training will provide the greatest immediate rewards:

The physical component of the game involves athleticism: strength, quickness, agility, balance, power, etc.  Because the methods for training these qualities are very different, the physical component can be broken down into three training modules:

1)      Strength and Power Development

Strength and power training for soccer players should heavily emphasize the athlete’s “core”—the abdominals and lower back.  Most importantly, the training must be soccer-specific—that is, the training exercises should strengthen muscle movements that are actually performed in the game.

2)      Lateral Speed and Agility (LSA): 

LSA training involves increasing foot-speed, improving control of the body’s center of gravity, and increasing the efficiency and speed of changes of direction.  Both LSA and SAS (see below) training modules emphasize quality of movement mechanics, not fitness or quantity of movement.  Therefore these modules are most effectively done first in training.

3)      Straight-Ahead-Speed and Acceleration (SAS): 

SAS training involves improving acceleration mechanics so that the body is efficiently and effectively using all body movement and positioning to increase speed.  The goals of SAS training are to both eliminate counter-productive movement habits and to increase muscle explosiveness.

Fitness Training For You To Do On Your Own:

Building ball handling skills and teaching your soccer players to work as a team is paramount, but without proper physical conditioning even the most skilled players will not stand a chance in competition.

Strength and conditioning soccer workouts are important but setting aside the time to do them can be a challenge. Below are four different drills for soccer that take around 15 minutes each and can easily be added onto a day of practice without using up valuable time for skill training. These short soccer workout routines are intended to be done in the middle of, or at the end of a practice session. They can also easily be put together in one large workout that takes about an hour, or doubled up for a single routine for a more effective half hour workout.

To be done with 100% effort, switching from exercise to exercise as quickly as possible.

A-Day (Hip, Knee, and Ankle; Strength and Stability)
Cross-over Lunges (L&R) 30-60 seconds each side
Agility Dots (L&R Forward & Reverse) 1-2 sets 10 reps each leg and direction
Single Leg Lateral Hops (L&R) 2 sets 10 reps each leg each direction
Clock Lunges (L&R) 2-4 sets each leg
Ice Skaters (L&R) 1 round, 10 reps each leg

B-Day (Explosion Strength / Speed)
Jumping Lunges 2 sets 30-60 seconds
Broad Jumps 2 sets 10 to 20 reps
Lateral Jumps 2 sets 10 to 30 reps
Sprint Starts (L&R Forward & Backward) 2 sets 5 reps each direction
Knee Tuck Jumps 2-4 sets 5-10 reps

C-Day (Core)
Jack Knife Crunches 3 sets 5-10 reps
Windshield Wipers 3 rounds 5- 10 reps
Back Bows 3 rounds 10-20 reps
Russian Twists 3 sets 10-20 reps
Side Hip Raises 3 sets 10-20 on each side

D-Day (Cardo Threshold)
-While running laps of the field do one or more of the following exercises every two minutes:
Line Drills (yo-yo’s) 2-4 rounds of 30-60 sec or number of completed cycles
Burpees 2-4 sets 30 sec
Power Skips 2-4 sets 30-60 sec
Mt. Climbers 2 sets 30-60 sec

Stretching is another important element of soccer conditioning and should be done on a regular basis (preferably every day). Always make sure to do a thorough stretching routine after all practices and games, holding all stretches for 20 seconds minimum.
*Futballer Fives (IFA Stretching Program)

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