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Technical Skills

What is Technical Skills

Soccer Technical are very important part of "Player Development" 

Technical skill is the most important trait of being a very good or great soccer player. If you are a soccer player that cannot control a ball/ dribble the ball properly/ cannot make accurate passes consistently to another teammate, then you're missing a few of the most basic fundamentals of a footballer. Therefore, all the players that do work on these technical skills will be successful on the soccer field and off. 

Here in Inter Futbol Academy we teach our players how to implement the Technical skills that players need to grow and become better. Technical skills defines the true players who are looking for more than just having fun, but wanting to become better and always striving for more. Which means the more time a player works on their technical skills, the better they get and become. Also, watching the game is its greatest teacher. Players often think watching the game is "boring" or 'not as fun", but what players do not understand is: watching the great ones helps and motivates them work on these technical skills. These skills are the foundation of a becoming a good or great soccer player; depending on how much work and effort a player puts into it. 


        Dribble / Receive         




First Touch



Possession & Attack

   Penetration (dribble & pass)  

System of Play

Combination Play

Change Point of Attack

Speed of Play (use of)

 Aerobic Exercise

Anaerobic Exercise

Fitness Exercising

Recovery Training

Pressure Training

Speed, Quickness, Agility






Competitive Spirit


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