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NUTRITION- "Process of nourishing or being nourished by obtaining materials in form of food to support life."

Inter futbol Academy Nutrition page for players and parents

             Welcome to Inter Futbol Academy  where our main focus is player development, in which we prepare players for what lies ahead in their Futbol career. We focus on these areas: fitness, skill, and knowledge of the game. Very important, right?... Yes, But that is only half the story people. Nutrition plays a tremendous roll in the development of the player and their health. What an athlete eats throughout the day/week, before/after his/her practice/game will determine how they feel and  perform. Also, it determines how long it takes their body to re-cooperate. Remember, what an athlete puts in their mouth falls back on them. No one else but themself.  Which brings me to the five classes of nutrients: Proteins, Fats, Carbs, Vegetables, Water. These five categories  are consumed everyday by all people. They are consumed by Your pro athletes,  fitness models, your everyday healthy person, and your everyday unhealthy person.  Depending on their activity level, fitness goals, and weight goals and current body type: skinny, lean, muscular, fat,  over weight will determine how much of those five classes of food they are to eat throughout the day.  Below are two completely different lifestyles. Which of the two does yours resemble?  Which one are you currently living?


 - Changing your way of eating should be done slowly
 - Begain by taking small steps ( Adding more vegies to your current way of eating)
 - Something as simple as going from drinking soda to sweet tea to drinking only water 
 - Small goals for today like: I will drink one less soda can or ill add 10 minutes to my workout  

The Fit and Healthy Athlete  

  • !!!!EXERCISES!!!! a minimum of 5 hours a week
  • Eats small portions throughout the day (every 2-3 hours). Biggest meals should be after your training  session or Game
  • Eats in a balanced manner ( 2 or 3 cheat meals a week) NOTICE it says MEALS not DAYS 
  • Limits their in take of sugar based foods and drinks ( soda, Gatorade). For example, Best time to drink sport drinks   (Gatorade, Powered and other) are during intense training, practice, and game time. Not all throughout your day. 
  • Always, with every Meal and Snack include Vegetables and Lean Protein ALWAYS!!
  •  Reads Nutritional Facts/Labels and the Ingredients of any product before buying or eating. (what you put in your mouth will have a major effect on your training and performance but also your health)
  • Does his own research on nutrition expanding his understanding and knowledge of nutrition

The Unhealthy Athlete

  • Does not exercise at all or may only exercise an hour or two an entire week
  • Eats a lot of Bad Carbs, Eats a lot of Bad Fats, Eats very little vegetables,  Drinks very little water
  • Eats high amounts of simple carbs (sweets, White Flour based breads and pastas) and sugars all through the day
  • Drinks sugar based products (Gatorade, soda, powerade, juices, coffees) all through the day and everyday. Drink MORE Water
  • Eats big portioned meals with very very little vegetables
  • Eats Fast food and fried foods                            
All athletes no matter their body composition should always do these three things

Drink a lot of water throughout your day 
- Eat a great quantity of vegetables throughout your day 

- Add Protein and Vegetables to any snack or meal throughout your day

Weight loss and Fat loss two very different things.

Weight loss means
: Loss of Muscle + Loss of Fat + Water Loss
Fat Loss means
: loss of stored body fat

Do not focus on your weight and losing it,  Focus on losing that excess FAT that you have stored 

 If you are trying to lose excess body fat.

- You are to do both Aerobic Exercise and Resistance Training 
- Limit your carbs intake 
-Try not to eat Carbs and Sugar after 6 PM
-No sugar at all for those of you trying to lose excess fat.
- Exemptions are Gatorade and other Sports drinks only during a game or practice would be ok to drink 
    BUT Water would be a much healthier choice and the best choice 
- Try to eat food with lean proteins, vegetables, and lentils after 6 PM 
- The biggest meals should be after intense workout, active event, or training.

 If you are trying to gain muscle and size
-Increase your strength training 
-Increase your carb intake
-Increase your lean meat (Protein) intake
-Add protein Powders/shakes to your nutritious eating. 
    ( Plant Based Protein)                                           

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